One-Hour Fire Safe Gardall MS119-G-CK


Gardall 1-hour microwave fire safe is the second safe in series. Letter size paper interior, ideal for the homeowner’s important documents’ fire protection and peace of mind.

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  • Outside: 15 1/4″ H x 11 1/2″ W x 12 1/2″ D
  • Inside: 12″ H x 8 1/2″ W x 8 1/2″ D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 0.50
  • Weight: 61 lbs


Standard Features

  • One-hour K.I.S. fire safe label
  • Individual packaging for UPS type shipping
  • Two sizes
  • Powder coated paint for increased durability
  • Center bolt down ( hardware included )
  • Pull-out shelf for storage
  • Dual security key and combination lock option. Combination and Key must be present to open this safe.
  • Once the correct combination is entered, turn the key 1/2 turn to retract the bolts and open the safe.



  • Combination
  • Key

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